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Explanation on the Privacy Notice of MUx
Privacy Notice
        This Privacy Notice is used only for online classes managed through the MUx system. Mux will store and compile the data of the learning activities and learning outcomes from users only from the courses registered. The data will be disclosed only to the instructors responsible for the development of the online courses. This Privacy Notice is to be used for all the online courses on the MUx system.
Working units that are partnership with Mux for the course development
        It is possible for the online lessons on MUx to have partnership with government agencies, state enterprises, and private sectors that register with the MUx system. The instructors developing the online courses/ the person requesting for the opening of the online courses can have access to the information of the learners in the courses. The responsibility of the partner organizations is to provide advice and can directly communicate with the learners through the conversation boards.
Cookies policy of web browser
        It is necessary to allow cookies to employ MUx because the MUx system needs to store the information relating to the system access namely user names, access time, display language, and the information concerning the access history of users.
Individual information that is personal data
        MUx is allowed to collect only the personal data of its users indicated when registering for the system, or the information of the learners and Mahidol University personnel who register for MUx through Login system only. Other personal information will not be allowed to access. However, MUx can compile when users access online lessons, do some learning activities, participate in chat boards, or employ the cloud storage available in MUx. This will be done only for the benefits of the users.
Individual data that is not personal data
        MUx will collect the identification data that is not personal data of users when the users react with the MUx system. This identification data might encompass the names of browsers used, types of computers or devices used to access MUx, and technical information regarding the methods used to connect with the MUx system such as an operation system, Internet providers, or other information of similar nature.
How the data will be employed and shared by Mahidol University
        The users’ personal data will be collected and used by MUx for the university’s internal system development of MUx. Moreover, the data which is not personal or cannot be used to identify its owner will be shared and employed as data for research conducted by Mahidol University’s personnel. However, to do this, researchers need to submit request directly to the university’s executives for approval. Consent from the content developers of each online course must also be obtained. MUx will not sell, exchange, or rent users’ information to other parties. The general demographic data which are not related to any identification data of the Mux visitors and users may be shared with the reliable affiliated companies.
Amendment of the Privacy Notice
        MUx has the right to amend this Privacy Notice any time. When the policy is adjusted, a post will be uploaded on the main page of It is deemed that users acknowledge and agree that it is their responsibility to review the amended Privacy Notice. Users can cancel their registration if they disagree with the amended Privacy Notice.
User agreement
        When registering, it is considered that users agree to the policy stated in this Privacy Notice. If not agree, please do not sign up for MUx. For future use, if there is any amendment of this Privacy Notice, it is considered that the users agree with the amendment. This Privacy Notice is written only in Thai and English versions. If the users’ browser translates the Privacy Notice into other languages for convenience purpose, the users have to acknowledge that only the Thai and English versions of the Privacy Notice will be used for any disagreement that might occur.
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