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Fundamentals of Programming

  Course Description :

    This course covers essential concepts, principles, techniques, and mechanisms for computer program coding, implementing and solving many problems. Topics include the fundamentals and getting started in C programming concepts such as Structured programming. Problem-solving techniques. Development and implementation of basic algorithms in a procedural programming language. A systematic approach to the design and construction of computer programs. Fundamentals of high-level, block-structured programming languages including arrays, procedures, parameters, recursion. Basic data structures.

  Course Instructors
Aj. Punyanuch Borwarnginn
   Taught by: Aj. Punyanuch Borwarnginn
   Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Dr.Petch Sajjacholapunt
   Taught by: Dr.Petch Sajjacholapunt
   Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
  About this course
   Course Name:   Fundamentals of Programming
   Study hours/credits:   60 hours/3 credits
   Study hours per week:   4-5 hours per week
   Course degree level:   Bachelor's Degree
   Level of Difficulty :   Intermediate
   Teaching Methods:   Lecture-based, Problem-based learning and Active learning
   Targeted students:   BSc. in Information and Communication Technology Program
  and other who interested.

Basic knowledge of computer
  Course Learning Outcome
  • CLO1: Explain concepts of basic programming languages including Program Translation and Levels of Programming Languages.
  • CLO2: Identify possible solutions in form of flowchart/pseudocode to solve given problems.
  • CLO3: Choose appropriate data types to solve given problems.
  • CLO4: Demonstrate the different between syntaxes of conditionals and repetitions in programming languages.
  • CLO5: Select appropriate programming syntax to solve given problems.
  • CLO6: Survey existing solutions that solve given research problems.
  Learning Materials
Kernighan, Brian, and Dennis M. Ritchie. The C programming language. Prentice hall, 2017.


  Course Administrators  
   Media Producer: Mr. Noppadol Owartmahasilp
   System Administrator: Mr. Kittikhun Thongkanchorn