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Business Writing

Enrollment is Closed
The aim of the module is for students to acquire independent learning skills and business language such that they can communicate concisely and professionally in formal business scenarios. Students acquire language through interactions in traditional classroom activities, personal learning environments, and virtual learning environments. This will enable the development of written and spoken communication skills, such that learners can produce appropriate business reports, emails, and résumés, as well as being able to present themselves formally and professionally. Business communication follows recognized and accepted conventions that could be used appropriately in real world business contexts such as job applications and interviews.
The student must pass ITGL201 "Reading Skills" before taking this course.

  • Expected to be able to demonstrate independent learning skills by actively participating in class and online.
  • Expected to be able to compose appropriate business e-mail communication through the creation of personally relevant business communication documents and the completion of a Business Writing Online Course. (B1)
  • Expected to be able to create a professional "About us" section for a website. (B2)
  • Expected to be able to analyze, summarize, and organize business related resources through the creation of a 2000-word business report and concise oral presentation. (B2)
  • Expected to be able to express and demonstrate professional communication skills through a simulated job interview. (B2)
  • Expected to be able to evaluate appropriate résumé and cover email advice through the creation of a résumé and written application for the simulated job interview. (B2)
The course uses the following grading criteria:
In class and online Participation   10%
Assessments (résumé, cover email, and interview)   15%
SPOC   10%
Website "About us"   5%
Business Report and Pitch to CEO   15%
Midterm Exam   20%
Final Exam   20%
, and the following letter grade thresholds: A [80, 100]  B+ [75, 79]  B [70, 74]  C+ [65, 69]  C [60, 64]  D+ [55, 59]  D [50, 54]  F [0, 49]  
Total Hours/Course Credits : 55 hours (45 in-class, 10 online) / 2 credits (1-2-3)
Required Hours Per Week : 4 hours (3 in-class, 1 online)
Course Level : Undergraduate
Course Type : General education
Difficulty Level : Moderate
Target Group : 3rd year students at the Faculty of ICT
Bartley's Image Mr. Richard Bartley Dudrow
English Instructor
Paul's Image Mr. Paul Collins
English Instructor
Robert's Image Mr. Robert James McEvoy
English Instructor
Jarernsri's Image รศ.ดร.เจริญศรี มิตรภานนท์ (ที่ปรึกษา)
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Jarernsri Mitrpanont (Advisor)
Dean of ICT
Sujika's Image อ.ดร.ศุจิกา ศรีนันทกุล (ที่ปรึกษา)
Lect.Dr. Sujika Srinuntakul (Advisor)
Deputy Dean for Digital Media Technology and Learning
Mores's Image อ.ดร.โมเรศ ปรัชญพฤทธิ์ (หัวหน้าโครงการและผู้ดูแลระบบ)
Lect.Dr. Mores Prachyabrued (Principal Investigator)
Assistant Dean for Digital Media Technology and Learning
Noppadon's Image นาย นพดล โอวาทมหาศิลป์ (ผู้ผลิตสื่อ)
Mr. Noppadol Owartmahasilp (Media Producer)
Acting Head of Audiovisual and Education Media Technology
Kittikhun's Image นาย กิตติคุณ ทองกัญชร (ผู้ดูแลระบบ)
Mr. Kittikhun Thongkanchorn (System Administrator)
Computer Technical Officer (Senior Professional Level)