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Management Science

Enrollment is Closed
Course descriptions
    Management decision processes, utilizing statistical methods, the use and application of probability concepts, statistical estimation and regression in the analysis and solution of business problems regarding income and cost estimation, sales forecasting, performance evaluation.

    Basic Knowledge of ICNS 104 Fundamental Statistics (Required)


    After successful completion of this course, students will be able to

  • Understand knowledge of the key management science techniques.
  • Understand Experience of the implementation of those techniques by means of practical cases.
  • Develop the generic analytic skills, computer based skills, consultancy skills including problem definition, data gathering, interpretation of technical analyses to provide a useful input to decision making, and communication skills.
Midterm Examination 40%
Final Examination 40%
Quiz, Assignment, Attendance, Participation 20%
Credit hours/Number of credit:  132 hours/4 (4-0-8)(Lecture – Lab – Independent study)
Number of hours per week: 1 hour
Type of subject : Core course
 Course instructor and online course/media developer

Course Staff Image #1

  อรลัชชา ศิวรักษ์
  Dr. Ornlatcha Sivarak
  Assistant to the President for Administration

Course Staff Image #1

  ชยานนท์ พูนทอง
  Chayanon Poonthong
  Interim Chief (Educational Technology Section)

Course Staff Image #1

  วิรวรรณ อำนวยโชคอนันต์
  Virawan Amnouychokanant
  Audio visual officer