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Strategic Management



Study hours/credits: 12 hours
Study hours per week: 3 hours per week
Course degree level: Master degree
Course pacing: Self-paced
Difficulty level : Basic
Targeted students: Students in Graduate diploma and Master Programs and related areas.
Course description
Strategic management process, company stakeholder and policy, external environment analysis, Internal environment analysis, building competition advantage through function-level strategies, department strategy, competition and industry environment strategy, world environment strategy, organization strategy, vertical integration, diversification and strategic alliances, development, building and restructuring the corporation, designing organization structure, strategic control system design, matching structure & control to strategy, application of strategic change and case study analysis, Integration and of multidisciplinary knowledge
Learning Outcome
  • Understand the concept of strategic management and competitive advantage.
  • Analyze industry structure and trends as well as a firm’s resources and capabilities as sources of competitive advantage.
  • Understand business-level and corporate-level strategies and evaluate their costs and benefits to firms.
  • Understand organizational design and the role of corporate governance.
  • Apply the critical thinking skills through strategic management case analysis.
  • Upon completion, learners will be offered an e-certificate when successfully passing the course with 60% or more.
External sources for learning
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Instructor and online course development team
Suthep Nimsai, Ph.D.
Supply Chain Analytics and Strategic Design, InternationalLogistics Management, Strategic Business Management, Agribusiness/ Food Marketing Strategies, and International Business Economics.
College of Management Mahidol University
Usanee Phanchantraurai
Head of Academic Affairs (Development)
College of Management Mahidol University
Winit Yamlamai
Head of Information Technology Supports Unit
College of Management Mahidol University
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