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Foundations of Reading


This course equips students with necessary strategies for reading academic texts,
which is an important basis for studying at college level. It begins with building understanding
of reading: what it is, what a successful reader is like, why different reading skills
and strategies are important. It also provides a platform to practice applying those strategies
in reading short and long passages (around 300 words). For further improvement, students will
have a chance to reflect their performance and problems they encounter in reading .


1. Identify main ideas and supporting details of a text
2. Use appropriate schema in reading
3. Figure out meanings of words and sentences
4. Select and apply different strategies in reading
5. Identify different text types and purposes of reading

Course Staff

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Thamaporn Khampeerpat

Biography of instructor LAEN 105 English Level 3
LAEN 106 English Level 4
LAEN 262 Listening and Speaking
LAEN 271 Writing for Work and Study
Phone: 0-2441-4401 ext.1625 E-mail:
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Kornsiri Boonyaprakob

Biography of instructor
1 LAAL 509 Practicum in English Language Teaching 
Phone: 02-441-4401 ext. 1528