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  Course Description :
Theory and practice of designing and drawing lines. Drawing of a variety of shapes such as geometric shapes and natural shapes. Perspective drawing. Theory of colors. Color cycle. Techniques of painting. Practice of basic drawing and painting by hands. Use of graphical software. Production of creative graphics. Applications of drawing and painting to several forms of media such as publishing, video and animation.

Course Details
Course name: Digital Drawing and Painting
Faculty/Institute/College: ICT - Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Total learning hours:  7  hours
Learning hour per time : 1 hour (only for the first 7 weeks of the physical class)
Course type: Technology and Engineering
Course level : Bachelor level
Level of course content : Beginner
Teaching and Learning Techniques : Activity based, Demonstration
Teaching and Learning Language : English
Subtitle: English
Target Students : Bachelor level

  Pre-requisites and requirement :
No pre-requisites course
Have at least basic computer skill

  Course objective
  • CLO1: Apply appropriate software tools to create digital drawing and painting art-works.
  • CLO2: Apply techniques in digital drawing and painting to create their own digital drawing and painting artworks.
  • CLO3: Appropriately apply basic elements of art to create their own artworks.

  Course Evaluation
Requirement: Require at least 50% of total SPOC score to pass
Scoring: SPOC 5% Physical class 95%
Online Course Instructor and Assistances
Course Staff Image #1    Name : Aj. Sujika Srinuntakul
   Tel: (02) 441-0909
Course Staff Image #1    Name : Aj. Kanrawi Kitkhachonkunlaphat
   Tel: (02) 441-0909 ext. 235
Course Staff Image #1    Name : Mr. Noppadol Owartmahasilp
   Tel: (02) 441-0909 ext. 227
Course Staff Image #1    Name : Mr. Manas Wattana
   Tel: (02) 441-0909 ext. 281
Course Staff Image #1    Name : Mr. Phruek Jainum
   Tel: (02) 441-0909 ext. 282
Course Staff Image #1    Name : Miss Daunghathai Pangjiklee
   Tel: (02) 441-0909 ext. 280