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  Course Description :
Concepts and theories in computer animation. Concepts and theories in lighting and processing. Key-frame animation. Camera animation. Scripting system. Motion capture. Procedural animation. Deformation. Guidelines for presenting through storyboards. Applications of 3D program. Object model formation. Object crafting in different granularities. Character animation. Material and surface setting. Surface covering or touching on models. Rendering. Simple scene formation and composite.

Course Details
Course name: Computer Animation
Faculty/Institute/College: ICT - Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Total learning hours:  15  hours
Learning hour per time : 1 hour 15 minutes
Course type: Technology and Engineering
Course level : Bachelor level
Level of course content : Intermediate
Teaching and Learning Techniques : Lecture, Project based, Demonstration
Teaching and Learning Language : English
Subtitle: English
Target Students : Bachelor level

  Pre-requisites and requirement :
ITCS481 Computer Graphics or equivalence

  Course objective
  • LO1: Understand principles and theories in computer graphics that related to computer animation and use 3D animation software to edit computer animation basing on the principles and theories.
  • LO2: Understand 3D animation production pipeline and use the pipeline to create a 3D computer animation.
  • LO3: Understand related principles and theories in art and design and use the principles and theories to design a quality 3D computer animation.
  • LO4: Choose appropriate 3D computer animation software and use the software to create 3D computer animation.

  Course Evaluation
Requirement: require at least 50% of total SPOC score to pass
Scoring: SPOC 16% Physical class 84%

  Related materials
Blender Reference Manual
Online Course Instructor and Assistances
Course Staff Image #1    Name : Aj. Kanrawi Kitkhachonkunlaphat
   Tel: (02) 441-0909 ext. 235
Course Staff Image #1    Name : Mr. Noppadol Owartmahasilp
   Tel: (02) 441-0909 ext. 227
Course Staff Image #1    Name : Mr. Manas Wattana
   Tel: (02) 441-0909 ext. 281
Course Staff Image #1    Name : Mr. Phruek Jainum
   Tel: (02) 441-0909 ext. 282
Course Staff Image #1    Name : Miss Daunghathai Pangjiklee
   Tel: (02) 441-0909 ext. 280