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Elementary Thai I

Course Overview

  Faculty/Institute/College: Mahidol University International College, Humanities and Language Division


  Course code and course name : ICML 161 Elementary Thai I


  Course description

Greeting and introducing oneself, counting in Thai, place names and directions, transportation, asking for prices, size and colours, bargaining, telling the time (day time), days of the week, consonant classes, short and long vowels placed before, after, above, and below the consonants.

  Course objective



Students can use online material to prepare and review lessons for better understanding of the course content, especially in term of vocabulary and sentence structure. 


  Number of hours:  48  



  Number of hours per week:  4



  Number of credits: 4



  Course level: Bacherlor’s degree



  Level of course content: Elementary


    Course requirement : • TOEFL score of 550 or above
   (for students who use English as a second or foreign language) 

                               • Absolute beginners of Thai

  Course instructor

Ms. Arpaporn Iemubol

Contact information:
Tel:  081-922-2462, 02-800-3574 ext. 215
Fax:  02-800-3560

Expert on course

Expert on course content:
Asst. Prof. Anchalee Pongpun 

Online course and media developer:
Ms. Yubol Boonjaran


  Starting date:  September 11 – December 1, 2017
  Registration period: September 11 ,2017