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Introduction to Thai Language and Culture

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Course overview
This class provide the basic knowledge to the learners to handle basic communicative situations such as asking for and giving directions, ordering food and drinks, asking for prices and bargaining, and buying tickets. Aside from communicative proficiency, this class also provides the related information about Thai society and culture to assist the learner to understand the background of Thai society and culture in more details. The topic provided such as the importance of rice farming and ceremonies involving growing rice and Buddhism in daily life.-
  • Basic Knowledge of English
 Course Objective(s)
    After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • handle basic communicative situations such as providing basic information of oneself, greeting and necessary phrase for survival with related social etiquette daily life in Thai circumstance
  • address the correct names of places and can conduct the simple directions
  • manage food ordering with the special requested. Understand the importance of rice farming and ceremonies involving growing rice and Buddhism in daily life
  • handle basic shopping and bargaining conversation
 Measurement and Evaluation of Student Achievement
The certificate will be granted to the learners who pass the criteria of this courses which is 75% or above and paid the fee for the certificate.
 Number of hours--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Number of hours : 48
  • Number of hours per week : 4
  • Number of credits : None
 Teaching Methods/Target group/Level of course content/Type of Course--------------
  • Teaching Methods : Self-study
  • Target group : Foreign Learners
  • Level of course content : Elementary
  • Type of Course : General Education
 Course instructor/Expert on Course/Online course and media developer---------------

Course Staff Image #1

Course instructor
อาจารย์วิมลสิริ เหมทานนท์
Wimonsiri Hemtanon
Assistant Program Director, Foreign Languages

Course Staff Image #2

Course instructor
อาจารย์อาภาพร เอี่ยมอุบล
Arpaporn Iemubol
Division Chair of Humanities and Language Division

Course Staff Image #3

Expert on Course
ผศ. อัญชลี พงศ์พันธ์
Assist.Prof. Anchalee Pongphan
Humanities and Foreign Language Division
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