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LabPass (EN) #1


           MU LabPass is the project based learning and testing “Knowledge of Laboratory Safety” through e-learning system. First and second year students who attend laboratory science course (Physical, Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology and Anatomy) must pass a test (score less than 80%)  within 2 weeks of semester start dates. If student do not pass the test (score less than 80%) are not allowed to attend all laboratory science courses.


The MU LabPass online learning course contains 9 lessons

1. General Safety Rules

2. Personal Protective Equipments (PPE)

3. MSDS, Safety Labeling, and Chemical Compatibility

4. Glassware and Equipment Safety

5. Fire Extinguishments

6. Electrical and Optical Safety

7. Biological safety

8. Waste Disposals

9. Emergency Response


Laboratory Safety education allow students at the undergraduate and graduate levels who are attend laboratory science course including staff who working in laboratory to acquire skill and knowledge in risk prevention and basic protection in laboratory linked with incident reduction.